One With the Villain

Story Campaign Design

Design a campaign for a story that is made-up and original. The genre: crime-drama, inspired by the 1920s American Pulp Fiction novels.

One with The Villain Story

Unfamiliar with writing skills, the internet came to my rescue. I used a plot generator to create a gripping paragraph that vaguely explains the story, while keeping the mystery?

Story 1:

It always starts with a clue, but how can a top detective explain the events that lead to the brutal murder of a wanted serial killer. It may seem as if someone has avenged their loved ones and gave the serial killer a taste of his of own medicine. Is vengeance the way to heal the pain of loosing a loved one?

Story 2:

A cop, who is devoid of purpose. A convict, who is a neat freak. It’s a suspense story about confronting reality. It kicks off at a hotel with evidence that may reopen a decade-long cold case. (Note that: someone in the story is pursuing someone else.) And there’s a twist! Someone also faked a death.

Logo Design

with a twist

I won’t lie, I just typed the words ‘one with the villain’ and chose a good looking sans-serif font. Most of the work was fixing the kerning and leading.

And then, I stumbled upon something. As seen below, in red is the word ‘evil’ within the words ‘th-evil-lain’.

Television Show Concept

If you can do something, why not over-do it. From book cover illustration to television application. This is more ideal for modern applications.

Snake Ident Concept

rendered in Blender 3D with EEVEE render.

Television Poster


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